3.3.5 JsViews

jsViews is a Javascript tool or library that we have made available with the app.js file. This means that like our developers, you have access to it on our templates and can develop with SmartWeb.

jsViews is a templating language for Javascript that is developed by developers from Microsoft.

jsViews is a templating language which allows you to create and build HTML elements in Javascript from Javascript data sources such as: JSON.

This templating language is especially good if you have a list of elements that have the same structure, or where there are few things that can distinguish them from each other (e.g. You can easily create a template that can be reused by all other elements).

At SmwrtWeb we use jsViews for the product list and on the checkout page.

If you want to know more about jQuery you can find more information on their website and in their documentaion.