2.1.2 Graphics and Fonts

You are here Control Panel > Design Manager > Edit Design.

Under the menu "Graphics and Fonts" you can insert you logo, other graphic elements and choose fonts for your design.

Logo - Graphic

If you have a logo in a image file, you can upload it here and it will be displayed on the website. you can choose to upload another logo image for use in emails, PDF and other similar files (You can also use the same file in both places).

Logo - Text

If you do not have a logo in an image file, you can select the text logo type and under this option you have the option to set the text color for the text logo.

The text used for the text logo is the same as the website title you have given in the "Web Information" settings.


We recommend that you choose a user friendly font that is easy to read for your primary font, Ofcourse you can also choose from some of the more exciting fonts we have to offer.

Advanced Settings:

We selection of fonts in our system, these fonts are useful on the web - If you want to have custom/special fonts that you cannot find in the font list, you will need to change this in "Edit Files".

You cannot change the font size, this is set in relation to the devices that is being used tyo view the website/webshop (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or Computer). If you have to set a custom font size this can be done in "Edit Files".

Various Graphics

Here you can change graphics for:

  • Favicon - This is the icon that is displayed in the address bar of Internet browsers.
  • Page Background - This sets the background image that will be displayed on every page of the website.
  • Watermark - This allows you to set a watermark for your website (This menu allows you to set the watermark location and size).