3.3.1 Javascript Variables

SmartWebs frontend exposes a number of Javascript variables that the system uses in the Javascript code.

These variables can be used by developers, to develop their own Javascript components. The variables are stored in a window element and are explained below.

The following variables can be found with the DOM inspector.

Platform Variables

  • currency - Stores the currency data as Symbol, Decimal etc.
  • general - Stores general data as Domain, Site/Language id etc.
  • language - Stores the language data as ISO language code.
  • page - Stores page data as Page type, id etc.
  • settings - Stores settings saved in the Control Panel.
  • template - Stores template data as name, domain and settings.
  • user - Stores user data, if logged in.

Platform Functions

  • subscribe - This function listens for events e.g. On item card (Variant selection).
  • unsubscribe - This function removes a subscription to events.
  • publish - This function sends events e.g. On item card.
  • currency_format - This function formats the currency value.
  • number_format - Javascript implementation of PHP’s number_format for formatting numbers.

For products that are exposed

  • product - Stores product data as title, price, link etc.

Text Variable

  • Stores all text translations for the chosen languages.

Template Variables

  • Stores break-points for templates.

Template Functions

  • bp.current - Function that states which TorqueUI breakpoint you are on/using.