1.6 Responsive Designs

A Responsive design enables you to have one design for all devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer etc) no matter what the screen size may be.

Whether people are visiting a Website or a Webshop it is important that the experience is always the same regardless of what device they may be using. This is where Responsive design excels compared to standard Websites or Webshops. Responsive design enables more people to access the content you create by formatting your Website/Webshops design according to what device your visitor/customer may be using. This type of website design is becoming very popular among users and developers and as such is something that is demanded in todays website standards. Not only will Responsive design enable you to target a larger customer/visitor base, but it will enable you to provide a better and more reliable user experience for your visitors/customers.

The 2 main reasons we use Responsive designs are:

  1. More and More people are using Mobile Devices to search for information and to purchase goods online and we believe this will become commonplace in the years to come.
  2. It is easier to Control and Manage a Website or Webshop that functions correctly on these new devices.

Although you only have one design for all devices, you still need to think about user-friendliness on the respective devices and therefore each will have slight differences in how the design is viewed dependant on the device used. These and many other aspects are taken into consideration in our designs to make it easier for you to use.

Responsive Breakpoints

Our designs use breakpoints to format the design of our websites to different devices with different requirements. Breakpoints are the points at which a website will begin to format the content for a specific device (Smartphone with small screen resolution, Tablet with a medium screen resolution or a Computer/Laptop with a large screen resolution).

Our designs are built upon a 24 column grid.

The Breakpoints we use are:

  1. 0 pixels up to the First Breakpoint (is 767 pixels) or 320 pixels wide.
  2. 768 pixels up to the Second Breakpoint (is 959 pixels) or 768 pixels wide.
  3. 960 pixels up to the third Breakpoint (is 1279 pixels) or 960 pixels wide.
  4. 1280 pixels up to infinite or 1280 pixels wide.

The browsers we support are:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Older browsers do not support the latest technology that is used in our designs and therefore may look different. Our designs support older browsers to the extent that you can complete purchases but not much more than that. Internet Explorer 6 is not supported.