3.1.6 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If your template stops working because of an error and it does not work after remove the offending code.

The problem is probably dues to the error being so severe that the Smarty Template Engine cannot rebuild the template. This is typical with so-called "Fatal Errors". The solution is to tell Smarty to clear its cache of all compiled templates. This can be accomplished by adding a parameter to your website address e.g. www.website.com/?parameter. The parameters can be one of the follow:

  1. ?forceCompile=1 - If this parameter is set, Smarty will force a compilation of all active pages for the active template i.e. The page you are on.
  2. ?clearCompile - This parameter will clear all compiled files for the active template.
  3. ?clearCompile=index.tpl - If you only need to correct an error on only one page you can specify the template filename on the active template and it will only clear the compiler of only one file.