1.7 Responsive Content

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When you have a Responsive design you need to make sure you also make the content Responsive. At first this may seem a little bit cumbersome but once you have tried it a few times it will get easier.


Here are a couple of general reules to remember when creating content:

  1. When creating content, Remember that it will need to function on a lot of different devices.
  2. Select the amount of columns with the "Template" button, before you begin (See more in the section below).
  3. Do not use Fixed/Static widths on content elements (e.g. Tables, Pictures and other elements).
  4. Do not use tables to "Position" your content (Try not to use tables, if you can).
  5. Upload pictures in a "large" version (e.g. 1000x1000 px), so they can be scaled down automatically for smaller devices.
  6. Upload pictures in squares (Same height and width).


In a Responsive design you will want to have, elements with different widths dependant on, which device you will be using.

For example: Pictures won’t have the same width (and size) on a smartphone as a standard computer. The same goes for the website/webshop menu for example - it can’t be the same width on a smartphone as a standard computer (There’s simply not enough space).

For a Responsive to work you have to use relative widths and not fixed/static widths. In practice you work with a column structure and you can do this by using the "Template" button. That looks like (See Image Below).